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  • Georgia Wilson

A Great Way to KICKOFF the Year

If you are new to the world of JCL, you may not know about our first statewide event of the year, Mass JCL Kickoff. It is a day to see old friends, a day of comedy and Cartamen, pumpkin painting and catapult and/or trebuchet launching. Kickoff introduces new members to JCl, and remind old members of why they keep coming back. After an introduction to this new JCL year by the fantastic and esteemed Mass JCL board, we say a riveting presentation on the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii (so don’t worry parents, this was a very educational field trip). Throughout the rest of the day, we went to workshops, destroyed at cartamen, had lunch, launched marshmallow catapults, and finally, the giant catapults. We left Barnstable (after getting some ice cream - for club bonding purposes of course) tired, but happy and excited for the rest of our year as Mass JCL’ers. -Written by Georgia Wilson

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