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  • Georgia Wilson

Hercules? I Thought It Was Hera-cles!

On Friday, March 1st, the Maynard JCL Chapter

hosted a movie night at our local movie theater,

Fine Arts. The movie, of course, was Disney’s

Hercules. We thought we might get a few kids from

outside the chapter, but our members went the

distance to spread the word, and we were

astonished to get ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-

FIVE people, including our members. People

flooded the lobby for a chance to see our movie,

and we got the chance to interact with people in

our community who had never heard of our club. It

was a great way to raise money and raise

awareness. Everyone loved the show, despite the

mythological inaccuracies, and we raised a

staggering 904 dollars. It was a fantastic night that

was attended by families, friends, and Disney

lovers alike. We hope to do it again next year!

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