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  • Georgia Wilson

Io Saturnalia!

This year the Maynard JCL celebrated the great

holiday Saturnalia. Saturnalia originated in Rome

around 133-131 B.C.E, and was a festival to celebrate

Saturn (Kronos). Now this might seem strange because

the first thing we think of when we hear Saturn is that he

ATE HIS CHILDREN, not happy, celebratory festivals.

However, apparently the Romans worshiped him as an

agricultural god, and used Saturnalia to remind

themselves that the light and life of the planting season

would come again soon.

At our celebration we had an abundance of food,

dace-offs, games such as the "Can You Stab the Julius"

game, and even a round of Cartamen! Though it may not

have been as wild as may Roman parties, we had a

fantastic time! Io Saturnalia Omnes!

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