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  • Georgia Wilson

Julius Ceasar Returns! (For One Day Only...)

Classics day for Maynard JCL

was a huge success. This year we

had lots of new members and

Classics Day was for many, their

first ever JCL event. Although

Maynard did not place with our skit

this year, we had lots of fun

creating and working on it. Ours

was a skit about Julius Ceasar

returning from the dead to get his

revenge on Brutus and the other

senators who killed him, and it all

happened at a party Brutus was

throwing to celebrate Julius’s

death! Everyone always enjoys

watching the skits from other

schools, and every winning skit

truly deserved it! The people in our

chapter learned many new things

during workshops, and some of

our club members even

participated in recreating Classical

sacrifices! It was a great time. Overall, for Maynard, Classics Day

went very well and made many of

our new people want to keep

coming back to JCL.

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