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  • Georgia Wilson

What Could Be Better Than A Bake Sale?

Through talent shows and sports games, spelling

bees, Geo-bees and plays, the Maynard JCL has been

there, tirelessly selling delicious baked goods to the

spectators. Most goodies were homemade but others,

well let's be honest, we bought them at Shaw's. But it

doesn't matter where it came from if it is for a good


The way our club runs bake sales is unique, simply

because we do not have a price on any of our items. We

ask for a donation of any amount, and then let

customers select whatever they would like. This method

really seeks to make people think about what they are

donating to, and works to get members of the

community interested in our organization. The mixture

of community outreach and fundraising that these

events combined proved that there truly is nothing

better than a bake sale!

By Georgia Wilson, Editor

Thanks to the efforts of all our

members, we were able to raise

652 dollars through all of our

bake sales! Congratulations!

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