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September Events!

We kicked off this Maynard JCL year with the traditional Officer elections. Our club is split into high school and middle school, so we are proud to announce the 2018-2019 officers of both clubs! First, for the high school, the President is Georgia Wilson, the 1st Vice President is Sophia Smith, the 2nd Vice President is Gracie Gilligan, the Historian/Secretary is Claudia Severance and the Webmaster is Grace Charron. In the middle school, the President is Shea Mealy, the 1st Vice President is Tamsin Clark, the 2nd Vice President is Brayden Burman, the Historian is Cole Wannamaker, the Secretary is Emma Cryan and the Webmaster is Dylan Pizzuto. Congratulations to all newly elected officers!

The first event of the year for us was Maynard fest. This year, through the immense effort of our sponsors, Mr. Hales, Mr. Banta, Mr. Zimmerman, and the effort of the executive board, we acquired a booth at the main Maynard event of September, Maynard Fest! It was a day of fun and (gladiator) games, with our booth providing face painting and extraordinarily epic battles to the death. We look forward to the even more fun times ahead, and hope to do it again next year!

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